Saving Custom Sizes

Saving Custom Sizes

Custom sizes can be saved using the Custom Size dialog.  Once saved, they will appear on the 'Fit To Size' submenu in the Items Menu or toolbar.

To save a custom size, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the page is in Manual Layout or Automatic by Size layout (otherwise you won't be able to change the size).
  2. Add an image or text box to the page.
  3. Open the Custom Size dialog by right clicking on the image and selecting  'Custom Size' from the 'Fit To Size' submenu.  See Custom Size for other ways of opening the dialog.
  4. Set the appropriate size.  Tip:  Unclick 'Keep Aspect Ratio' if you want to set the size precisely.
  5. Check the Save box.
  6. Click on OK and provide a name for the new size.

The new size is now available under the 'Fit To Size; menu.

Tip: To delete a size, go to the User Defined page of the Options dialog.