There are three ways you can register Smart Pix Manager:

  1. Register online with our Secure Server (Credit Card only!)
    Direct your browser to http://www.picsprint.com/purchase.htm
    Follow the instructions.
  2. Via E-mail (Credit Card only!)
    Send an e-mail to sales@picsprint.com.  Include your name, address, credit card type (Visa, master card etc), number and expiry date and the application you are purchasing.

    For extra security you might like to send the part of the credit card in your main e-mail and the rest in another.  (e.g. write your number as 4545-5555-xxxx-xxxx in the first e-mail and then xxxx-xxxx-2121-2121 in the second)

If you wish to pay in another manner, contact sales@picsprint.com.

Once the program has been purchased, you can enter the registration key in the About dialog.