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Pics Print Main Window
On the left of the main window is a folder and thumbnail display allowing you to rapidly locate your desired images. On the right, the print preview and editing area allows you to layout the pages as you want them to be printed
Image Editing
Pics Print has a built in image editor providing common image alterations such as cropping, rotation, color adjustment, red eye removal and image sharpening.
Print Wizards
Pics Print offers a variety of Wizards to allow you to quickly and easily perform such printing tasks as creation of posters, album-sized prints, thumbnail sheets and greeting cards
Print Images from Folders, Cameras or Scanners
The source of your images can be a selection of images from your computer or all the images in a folder, camera or scanner
Poster Wizard
The Poster Wizard allows you to create huge posters from your images (up to a whopping 20x20 pages)
Greeting Card Wizard
The Greeting card Wizard creates personalized greeting cards from your images
Creating Camera Thumbnail Sheets
With a single click, Pics Print can create a thumbnail index of all the images on your camera
Custom Layouts
If you want complete control over your print-out. You can manually layout the images to your own requirements and even add text boxes. You can even save your favorite layouts and reuse them later
Automatic Sizing
Pics Print offers many convenient functions to help you lay out your images to your requirements, including the ability to set the exact image dimensions to common print sizes (to fit into your album, for example)