User Interface

User Interface

This page of the options dialog controls the 'look and feel' options.

This option controls the layout of the main screen.  Two options are available:

    Two columns are used, with the thumb grid shown below the folder tree.

    Three columns are used.

  Show Popup Tips If this is checked, then popup tips and warnings will be displayed, unless individually canceled.
      Reset Resets cancelled popup tips.
  Simplified Interface Simplifies the interface by hiding advanced or infrequently used commands.
  Show Start-up dialog If checked, the start-up dialog will be shown on start-up.
  Show 'Print to ....' in Explorer menu If checked, a 'Print to ..' entry will be added to the Windows Explorer right click menu.  This entry will appear when clicking on printable images.

If unchecked, an existing 'Print to ..' option will be removed.

      Force Change The 'Print to ...' may not appear if another program has been associated with the image type.  Checking the 'Force Change' box will disassociate the other program and force the addition of the 'Print To ...' entry.




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