This page of the options dialog controls printer performance and compatibility settings.


  Do scaling on printer By default, all scaling is performed internally before the image is passed to the printer.  Checking this option will pass the image to the printer without scaling resulting in smaller print sizes.  Depending on the printer, this may result in noticeable changes in quality.
  Printer Pixel Size By default, images are printed at the printers resolution.  Increasing this setting will use larger printer pixels (= lower resolution) resulting in faster printing.  Small values normally have little or no noticeable reduction in quality, larger values will be noticeable.


These settings are used to persuade printers that otherwise refuse to print.  Only change these settings if you are having problems getting correct prints.  By default, all of these are unchecked.

  Use Canvas Draw Changes how images are printed.
  Use Device Dependant Bitmaps Changes how images are printed.
  Print Pages Separately Print each page separately.


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