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If using the auto layout, say quarter page, there does not appear to be a gap between the pictures.  I want gaps

With the quarter page layout, it creates 4 rectangles on the page that are touching.  However, as the program keeps the images the same shape as they were originally, the images may not fill each rectangle and may have gaps between them.

If you want to always have gaps, try the following process:

  1. Go to 1/4 page layout.
  2. Add 4 text boxes.
  3. Change to manual layout (the 'hand' button).
  4. Resize the text boxes so there is a suitable gap between them.
  5. From the Page menu, select 'Save Layout'.

When using this layout, you will always have gaps between your images.

See Saving Layout for more info.

I just want to print out 6-8 images per page, with gaps between them!

Go to Layout Options (View menu, layout), and set your thumbnail settings to 2 * 4.  Come back to the preview page and change to thumbnail layout. This will now print 8 pictures per page with a small margin between them.

 Try that.  If it does what you want then do this:

Create a blank document in thumbnail mode at  2 *4.  Add 8 text boxes.  From the 'Page' menu select 'Save Layout' and give it a name.  This will then give you a new option under 'Auto layout'

See Saving Layout for more info.



After I print images, PPrint says it's done, but the images don't print.

Pics Print can generate very large files.  A multi-page document with several images can take 100mb.  Windows 9x machines in particular can take some time to process and print these.  In order to make the images begin printing faster, go into the Printing Options (View menu -> Options) and place a check in the 'Print Pages separately' box.  



I downloaded ver. x and tried to enter my previous registration code and received a message saying it was incorrect or out of date. Do I need to keep entering the code to make upgrades registered copies, or is this automatic?

You do not need to re-enter the registration key, unless you have deleted the pprint.lic file in your install directory.  If you need a new registration key, please contact sales.


Do I need to uninstall the version I have before installing a new version ?

No, just install over the original version.


Where do I download updates from?

Just download a new trial version and install over the original.